We work with both the public & private sectors, local, national and international government bodies and with companies that wish to extend their markets or that have a need to demonstrate their social involvement in an environmentally responsible manner. We give particular priority to the benefits from public private sector partnerships (PPPs) to reach development goals.

Our role is to identify relevant development activities from real needs on the ground, to match these to the investment interests of commercial companies and/or government programmes and then to manage the implementation of action required.

Our business is based upon providing affordable energy solutions, most often to people in rural areas. We see the supply of energy as a means to an end, offering improved livelihoods, opportunities for income-generating activity and hence poverty alleviation. Access to non-grid fuels is an essential component of this process.

Parallax manages activity that demonstrates the potential for increased use of such fuels in remote communities. Parallax is involved with a wide range of issues that must be addressed in order to deal with the barriers presented by limited affordability and accessibility. Our company is committed to overcoming these barriers using our depth of expertise and wide-ranging international experience.