Our business is based upon the common goals of our two principal Directors and founders, Mr. Dean Cooper and Ms. Cindy Sampson, who have extensive experience of global energy/environmental concerns, sustainable development solutions and international partnerships.

Dean Cooper has worked with international energy & environmental issues for over 25 years. He has been based in the UK, Belgium, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania and France, focusing on the management of clean energy projects in developing countries. Before joining Parallax he managed an NPO fueled by renewable energy in Zanzibar and worked in the UK and South Africa on various sustainable change initiatives.

Cindy Sampson has a background in law and structured finance, and worked in the legal and new business development departments of Shell Southern Africa for 7 years. She has also spent time in the USA working with various inner city & student business incubator initiatives. Before joining Parallax she worked with electricity service providers on urban & rural energizationprojects, and with various development consultants on issues such as the regulatory framework for natural gas in South Africa.

At Parallax the value that we bring to our work originates from the unique combination of the experience of our two founders. Dean Cooper and Cindy Sampson bring together European outlooks and African standpoints, public sector and private sector, donor objective and commercial imperative, politics and law, art and science. And this spectrum of experience is blended together with a common passion to transfer words into action, and to achieve sustainable rural business development through environmentally sound energy services.

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