April 14, 2017

Launch of the SEforAll Delivery Partner for Clean Energy Mini-Grids

The SEforAll Annual Forum in New York (3-5 April) marked the formal launch of the Clean Energy Mini-Grids Partnership (CEMGP) as a Delivery Partner for SEforAll.  Dean Cooper, Chair of the CEMGP Steering Committee, announced this launch during a side event at the Forum that was hosted by Energia de Portugal (a leading member of the CEMGP).  He noted that, as a Delivery Partner for SEforAll, the CEMGP will bring together the interests of 250+ member organisations to provide “united, visible and responsible” leadership for the implementation of clean energy mini-grids in developing countries.  The focus of this SEforAll “Delivery Partnership” will be on information sharing, bringing stakeholders together for the sustainable operation of CEMGs, and promoting the best practice that is needed to attract greater investment in CEMGs.  ARE and the United Nations Foundation will continue to offer Secretariat support for the CEMGP, which will now aim to focus its activities and contribute directly to the goals of SEforAll.  For further details, or to join the CEMG Partnership, please contact Monica Dean (UNF) at, or visit the CEMGP website at

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