End User Finance for Access to Clean Energy Technologies in South and Southeast Asia (FACET): This multi-year programme was initiated in September 2010.  The main goal of this multi-year programme was to help overcome the financial barriers to implementing clean energy technologies.  The programme aimed to initiate and increase domestic bank lending to end-users of small-scale clean energy applications in South-East Asia.

Two types of assistance were provided from FACET to local stakeholders in order to demonstrate the great potential for clean energy applications, and so stimulate a sustainable local market for relevant technologies:

– Technical Assistance: market research to assess the local barriers to low carbon technologies, analyze the demand for financial support mechanisms, identify and assess target markets; training and business planning for local banking partners; marketing support for new lending products: raising customer awareness through targeted communication campaigns and other communication channels

– Financial Incentives: assistance to define and structure appropriate lending programmes under local conditions: cost-sharing, credit structure, credit analysis, underwriting guidelines, collection & administration; temporary interest rate subsidies with a view to prime the market, with subsidies being phased out over time

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