"We Put Local People First To Make A Real Difference - Practically, Responsibly and Sustainably"

At Parallax, we aim to achieve sustainable development through environmentally sound energy solutions. We assess the real needs of remote rural communities and manage the implementation of practical activity to meet these needs.

Our approach is founded upon our belief that commercially viable activities, no matter where located, will be sustainable.  With this motivation, we bring modern business skills to address the basic energy requirements of people living in isolated areas, particularly in developing countries.

The principle of triple bottom line provides a focus for our business interventions, with particular emphasis on environmental and social values. In our work, we bring together all the relevant stakeholders to achieve results that have mutual benefits, locally and globally.

“Parallax” involves seeing things differently. It is the term used to describe how different individuals will interpret the same situation in different ways because of their different perspectives.  This is often the case when involving politicians, financiers, product developers, service providers and local customers in the provision of basic energy supplies to remote communities.


At Parallax, we use our understanding of the needs of all stakeholders to achieve practical solutions that satisfy all involved. Read More

At Parallax, we believe that it is essential to equip local customers and related service providers with the capacity to understand how best their energy needs can be met and to install, operate and maintain the energy systems required. Read More

Parallax ensures that the implementation of any initiative is well-co-ordinated at three key levels in order to achieve lasting positive impact. Read More

Facilitating appropriate on-the-ground activity to deliver clean energy services to isolated communities has always been the ultimate aim of Parallax and was the starting point for our business. Read More

Policy-makers at all levels, public donors, private investors, programme developers, project implementers, international, national and local service providers, and local community members all have important roles but different visions of a successful outcome to any clean energy intervention. Read More

For many years, Parallax has had close interaction with high-level policy makers in the Governments of developing countries, as well as with Government officials in donor countries. Read More

One of the focus areas for Parallax is monitoring & evaluation of development activities that involve renewable energy, energy efficiency and/or climate change issues. Read More